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Chocolate Bear Buns Baking Class for Kids

Chocolate Bear Buns Baking Class for Kids

  • 2 hours
  • Kids baking class
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years old

Learn to bake chocolate bear buns from scratch in our exciting baking class for kids. In this fun and engaging kids baking class, children will learn about ingredients, measurements, and kitchen safety while having a blast creating adorable chocolate bear buns. Here's what your child will learn in this chocolate bear buns baking class:

🐻 Dough mixing and kneading: Learn how to mix and knead the dough to achieve soft buns texture

🐻 Weigh and shape the dough: Practice weighing out the dough and shaping it into adorable bear forms, ensuring uniformity and cuteness

🐻 Choco-filled surprise: Learn how to wrap chocolate into the buns, adding a tasty surprise to each bear buns

🐻 Craft bear ears: Shape the bear ears and attach them to the buns

🐻 Let proof and bake: Bake the bear buns to a golden brown colour exterior and soft interior

🐻 Chocolate decoration: Explore creative ways to decorate the bear buns with chocolate

Join us in this engaging and interactive children's baking class today to experience the joy of baking and learn valuable skills. Secure your slot in our chocolate bear buns kids baking class by selecting a date and time below.

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