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Cookie Monster Box Baking Class for Kids 🍪🍫

Cookie Monster Box Baking Class for Kids 🍪🍫

  • 2 hours
  • Kids baking class
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years old


Welcome to the Cookie Monster Box Workshop at Luna Kids! In this delightful baking class, young chefs will explore the art of cookie making. From crafting various doughs to the final arrangement in a cookie box, kids will learn each step in creating these treats:

🍪 Make cookie dough: Learn the process of mixing and kneading cookie dough.

🍪 Rolling Out the Cookie Dough for Jammies Cookies: Learn to roll the dough to an even thickness, ideal for jammies cookies.

🍪 Cutting Skills: Using cookie cutters for creating uniform and fun shapes.

🍪 Roll and Cut Cookie Dough for Pepero Sticks: Learn to roll out the dough and cut into equal thickness cookie sticks.

🍪 Roll M&M cookie into balls: Learn how to roll cookie dough into balls and decorate with M&Ms.

🍪 Dip Pepero Sticks in Chocolate: Coat the pepero sticks by dipping them in chocolate and decorate with sprinkles and marshmallow.

🍪 Baking the Cookies: Ensuring even baking and avoiding common mistakes like overbrowning.

🍪 Arranging Cookies in a Cookie Box: Learn to arrange cookies attractively in a Heng Ong Huat cookie box.

🍪 Creative Decoration: Encourage creativity in decorating the cookie box, making it visually appealing and personalized.

Join us for a delightful Cookie Box kids baking class and let your little ones embark on a culinary adventure! Secure their place in our upcoming session and let them indulge in the joy of baking.

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