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Duckling Mantao Cooking Class for Kids

Duckling Mantao Cooking Class for Kids

  • 2 hours
  • Kids cooking class
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years old

Unleash your child's culinary curiosity with our Duckling Mantao Cooking Class for Kids! Our cooking class is a hands-on experience that combines learning, creativity, and deliciousness in one exciting session. Led by our experienced baking instructors, children will create cute duckling mantaos from scratch and steam them to perfection:

🐤 Learn the art of mixing and kneading dough to perfection, setting the stage for your culinary adventure.

🐤 Prepare and line the mould with parchment paper, a canvas for your future duckling masterpieces.

🐤 Shaping: Separate the dough into different sizes and shape them into charming little ducklings, each with its unique personality.

🐤 Wrap the dough with your choice of delightful fillings, adding a burst of flavour to each duckling.

🐤 Create different colored dough for the eyes and mouths of your duckling mantao, adding whimsy and character to your creations.

🐤 Watch your ducklings rise and take shape, as they prepare to steal the show.

🐤 Finally, lovingly steam your duckling mantao to fluffy, flavorful perfection.

Learn while having fun making adorable Duckling Mantao in our kids cooking class. Enrol today!

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