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Mickey Wreath Tart Baking Class for Kids 🍓🥭🍇

Mickey Wreath Tart Baking Class for Kids 🍓🥭🍇

  • 2 hours
  • Kids baking class
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years old

 Welcome to our Mickey Wreath Tart Workshop at Luna Kids! This engaging and fun baking class is designed to teach young bakers how to create a charming Mickey-shaped wreath tart. Participants will learn the process of making tart dough, shaping it into a Mickey silhouette, creating cream cheese filling, piping, and decorating their tarts. During this Mickey Wreath Tart baking class, kids will learn to:

🍓 Make Tart Dough: Learn the recipe and techniques for making a perfect tart dough, focusing on ingredient mixing and consistency.

🍓 Rolling Out the Dough: Master the skill of rolling the dough to an even thickness, ensuring a consistent bake.

🍓 Cutting the Dough into Mickey Shape: Learn how to cut the dough into a Mickey silhouette, using templates or free-hand techniques.

🍓 Making Cream Cheese Filling: Create a smooth and rich cream cheese filling, learning about the blending of cream cheese with sugar and other flavorings.

🍓 Piping the Cream and Decorating the Tart: Techniques for piping cream cheese filling neatly and artistically.

🍓 Decorating the Tart: Explore various decorating ideas, such as adding fruits, edible glitter, or other garnishes to enhance the appearance of the Mickey wreath tart.

Join us for this unforgettable Mickey Wreath Tart Baking Class that will inspire lifelong passion for baking and delightful memories. Sign up for this kids baking class now!

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