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Mother’s Day Cupcake and Mini Floral Bouquet Baking Class for Kids 🧁🌹

Mother’s Day Cupcake and Mini Floral Bouquet Baking Class for Kids 🧁🌹

  • 2 hours
  • Kids baking class
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years old

Join us on a whisk-tastic adventure with our Mother’s Day Cupcakes Baking Class for Kids. Let your little ones sprinkle their imaginations and mix up a storm of fun as they learn the art of creating dazzling cupcakes adorned with sprinkles, swirls, and pure delight. In this kids baking class, little bakers will learn how to:

🧁 Make cupcake biscuit base: Learn how to make the biscuit base for the cupcake and press them into the cupcake holder. 

🧁 Mix cupcake batter: Learn the steps to mix a delicious cupcake batter, ensuring a moist and flavourful base for the cupcakes

🧁 Pipe batter into molds: Practice piping the batter into molds evenly

🧁 Buttercream frosting: Make a smooth and light buttercream frosting, perfect for topping the party cupcakes

🧁 Creative piping: Develop piping skills to elegantly top each cupcake with cream.

🧁 Decorate with fun toppings: Get creative with decorating the pasty cupcakes using fondant, chocolate and colourful sprinkles.

🌹 Floral bouquet: Learn how to arrange a variety of flowers together and tie them into a bouquet.

Ready to bake up some whimsical wonders? Unleash the magic of baking and watch your kids savour every moment of this sweet escape into the world of cupcake perfection. Sign up for this Mother’s Day cupcakes baking class today!

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