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Snoopy Chicken Chashu Ramen Cooking Class for Kids 🍜πŸ₯

Snoopy Chicken Chashu Ramen Cooking Class for Kids 🍜πŸ₯

  • 2 hours
  • Kids cooking class
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years old

Learn how to make delicious and adorable Snoopy themed mochi ramen with our cooking class for kids. This hands-on experience will teach you the unique features of making this popular dish in a fun and engaging way. Unleash your inner chef with Snoopy!Β During the class, kids will engage in an interactive learning experience as they create their own snoopy ramen from scratch. Our expert instructors will guide them through every step of the process, which will include:

🍜 Dough Preparation: Gain the ability to make and knead the ramen dough from scratch, understanding the importance of ingredients and resting time for optimal texture.

🍜 Roll out ramen dough: Learn the techniques of rolling out the dough using pasta machine ensuring thin and uniform ramen noodles.

🍜 Creating Flavourful Broth: Develop the skills to simmer and infuse anchovy broth.

🍜 Marinate and Cooking Chicken Chashu: Acquire the knowledge to marinate and cook chicken chashu, achieving tender and flavourful meat that complements the ramen.

🍜 Crafting Character Mochi: Make mochi and shaping it into recognizable and detailed figures like Snoopy, using food safe colouring and pastes for decoration.

🍜 Assembling a Ramen Bowl, Learn the art of assembling a visual appealing and delicious ramen bowl, combining noodles, broth, chashu, mochi and additional garnishes harmoniously.

Let your little one discover the magic of crafting delightful character-themed Snoopy Chicken Chashu Ramen today. Join our kids cooking class by selecting a date and time below.

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