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Tree Pizza & Mushroom Soup Baking & Cooking Class for Kids

Tree Pizza & Mushroom Soup Baking & Cooking Class for Kids

  • 2 hours
  • Kids baking & cooking class
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years old

Introduce aspiring little chefs into the world of both baking and cooking in this hands-on class. Our delightful Tree Pizza and Mushroom Soup Baking & Cooking Class for Kids teaches them how to prepare ingredients, make pizza and cook a delicious soup all from scratch. Filled with fun and learning, this class is perfect for budding young chefs who are eager to explore the art of both baking and cooking. Here's an overview of what the class will teach little chefs:

🍕 Nail dough mixing and kneading: Learn how to mix and knead pizza dough for a tasty crust

🍕 Rolling pizza dough: Roll out the dough evenly and flatten the pizza dough for a great base

🍄 Veggie prep: Chop and prepare veggies for pizza and mushroom soup

🍕 Pizza assembly: Put together a tree-shaped pizza with sauce, chicken, veggies and cheese that looks and tastes awesome

🥣 Cook up mushroom soup: Cook mushroom soup from scratch with the ingredients prepared

🥣 Mushroom soup plating: Decorate the mushroom soup with sautéed mushrooms and cream before serving

Unleash their creativity in the kitchen today! Sign up for our baking and cooking class for kids today.

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